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When applying for a mortgage it’s important to ensure the cost of your mortgage is affordable and suitable for you. We, as mortgage advisers, take care to help our clients with every mortgage they need. Being accepted for your mortgage can help you achieve your personal ambitions and we would like to help you along your journey.

The mortgage calculators will help you understand the level of mortgage you could be accepted for and what your mortgage repayments would be each month. These are estimated figures and a full fact find would need to be completed, with an understanding of your credit status, to be able to confirm suitability.

How Much Can You Borrow?

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If you’re applying as a single applicant.

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What Will Your Mortgage Repayments Be?

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Get Local Mortgage Advice

We have local mortgage advisers who are friendly, experienced and fully qualified to help arrange your mortgage. You are in excellent hands with Mortgage Advisory Services.

Our advisers will take the time to listen, understand your financial position and tailor their advice to suit your goals. They will meet at a time and place of your choosing, another step in making the process easier and smoother for you. 

Whole Of Market Advice

We search the whole of the market to find the best deals for you. From the lowest and most affordable interest rates to mortgages for self employed individuals, we can assist by making the process fast, easy and help to save you money.

Your Adviser

Across Scotland and Northern Ireland we have a range of qualified, experienced and friendly advisers who care about helping local people. We would love to help you too.