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Our Mortgage Advice Guides

We have created a range of mortgage advice guides to help answer questions you may have. Whether you’re a first time buyer, unsure what financial support is available or simply keen to know about the best mortgage for you, then our guides can help.

If at any stage you have specific questions about your own mortgage needs and would like tailored advice, you can get in touch with us today. Our customer service team can offer free assistance and support with queries. Give us a call on 0800 622 6820 and we would be delighted to help.

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Read our guide on how to find the best mortgage for you and what we can do to help.

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This guide helps you understand Government funding support for a mortgage if you’re in Scotland.

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Read our guide for Government funding for house buyers in Northern Ireland & how we can help.

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This guide details the Government funding available for house buyers in England.

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How can you protect yourself and your family financially? Download our free guide.

Ever wondered how your credit file plays a part in your mortgage application?

You can afford your mortgage, but what is something happens? We can advise you on how to protect you and your family.

Mortgage Calculators

Our free mortgage calculators can help you understand how much money you can borrow as well as show you how much your mortgage could cost per month.

This is an important part of our service because while we aim to help you arrange your mortgage and secure your property, we also want to ensure you are able to afford the repayments.

Get A Decision in Principle in 24 hours

We know you don’t want to wait around when it comes to organising your mortgage. Whether you just want to discuss your options or receive a decision in principle from lenders, we work fast and effectively on your behalf.

We can complete a free decision in principle search within 24 hours of receiving your necessary information.

The first step is always to have an informal conversation. You can talk to us on 0800 000 0000 or complete our enquiry form and a qualified, friendly adviser will call you back to discuss your requirements.

Find Your Local Adviser

We have local, friendly Scottish and Irish advisers ready to meet. Mortgage and protection specialists can give you the peace of mind that you have the right mortgage deal, coupled with helping to arrange and gain approval from the lender.

We will help you understand how much money you can borrow, which lenders would be best, we can then arrange your mortgage with a decision in principle and when you’re ready to proceed, support you in every step of the way.